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Designer Babies

Society continues to find new ways to sink lower in morality and virtue. A fertility clinic in Los Angeles is now offering prospective parents the opportunity to select various physical traits, such as eye color, hair color, and skin complexion. By the way, I have a disabled child from birth with a chromosomal disorder. But when we turn the joy of having children into picking out traits as if from a McDonald’s drive through menu, we have sunk to a new low of selfishness. This is simply selfishness on the part of any parent who would want to pick out your child’s traits before birth. Nothing but selfishness. Maybe we will soon be able to ask for traits that will make our children great baseball players so we can millionaires. The world has lost its common sense.

We are not far from discarding/killing children that do not have the traits we want them to have so we can have some sort of perfect, genetically engineered family.

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