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Chosen of God – Chosen words

The apostle James, brother of John, was the first to die for his beliefs though secular history suggests that most if not all of the rest (with the possible exception of John) met with similar fates. All of them were certainly persecuted and imprisoned just as Jesus prophesied that they would.


Somebody smarter than me said that Jesus made orators of fisherman not the other way around. But there is absolutely no evidence that the twelve apostles were orators at all, or that they became known for their sparkling or searing delivery; or that they were ones who people flocked to see and to hear for the lilt and poetry of their speech. It was the message the multitudes responded to, not the deep ring of the voices or the witticisms of the messengers.


There is no evidence that they did anything extraordinary in how they spoke of Christ, or in the manner in which they delivered the word. The words they spoke were given them in the moment, and were the exact words of God; and there is no evidence of any type of drama or emotional presentations like the ones we are so consumed with now. Extraordinary things accompanied the words but they were the seal of the truth, not the truth itself. And the words were simply the recounting of the events they had witnessed and were then being given to put forth coupled with the truth of the life and person of the Messiah.


I believe that as they spoke as they were compelled by God they sincerely put out what they knew to be true as matter-of-factly as it was given to them. While they were certainly part of the emotion that had to have surrounded the healings and miracles, that was never the point. The point was that God became man so that mankind might have hope and be redeemed back to God. They never lost sight of that. If they had all would have failed in God’s plan.


It is the word of God and the evidence surrounding it that matters. It has always been so, and so it shall be evermore.

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