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Son of God in Roman World

In this series of articles we have been trying to take a look at the message of the New Testament from the eyes of the people alive in the first century. We have been asking the question: what would the apostles message sounded like to the average Jew and Roman. In the last article we noticed that the gospel of peace would have an additional message beyond what the 21st century mind would recognize. While the gospel of peace was…

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The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel in the Roman World To us, the gospel has always been a reference to the scriptures, the New Testament, or the arrival of the Messiah. We use the word "gospel" to refer to many aspects of the Gods message. However, in the first century the word "gospel" did not refer the New Testament to the Roman listener. The word "gospel" was already in use in the world and referred to something completely different. The Romans used the word…

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