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Billions and Billions

Bad statistics and equally bad mathematics are everywhere. We occasionally get some entertaining examples even on this site. So, to keep with the trend; I thought I might offer a few percentage problems for the gentle readers out there.

Let us assume that the earth is a few billion years old (yawn). Let’s use easy round numbers; and we’ll say the earth is 4.50 billion years old. Now assume that the last twenty years – oh wait! let’s go for the gold and say the last 200 years of climate changes have been taking us out of the “normal” global weather cycles (whatever that is).

What percentage of the age of the earth has been tied up in manmade global warming, if you take in only the conditions (excluding natural sources) since the Industrial Revolution? What was the critical catalyst before we settled on greenhouse gases, ozone, and carbon dioxide as the bad things? Who is it that identified the correct mix on global conditions and of what percentage is that of the entire age? Round off to the nearest millionth of a percent. Got decimals? Got numbers? Got brains?

I suspect that God is still not amused by the notion that men think that they are smarter about his creations than he. To my uncritical mind, this is just another example of intellectual arrogance and godlessness. And it is lousy science and mathematics. But, it is a real tidy way for the unscrupulous to strip people of the fruit of their labors.

We think we know what has been happening for eons, when we can’t predict the weather accurately for any length of time anywhere.

He who thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, deceives himself.

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