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BibleReader for iPhone- Continuing Improvements

As I have posted previously, I have been using a beta version of OliveTree’s BibleReader for the iPhone. It is exciting to see a company take the information from the beta testers and improve the product. The latest beta release has improved and faster scrolling. This was one of my previous criticisms of the BibleReader.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has purchased software only to watch the company let that software become obsolete. When it comes to software, I like a company that will keep updating and improving to give consumers the best possible product. That is the reason I use Accordance Bible software from my Bible studies and it is why I am using OliveTree’s BibleReader. You can also purchase Bible reference material from your iPhone. What an excellent feature!

If you want a Bible to read and study from while on the go, pick up this application.

OliveTree’s Website

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