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Bad Comparisons – an editorial comment

Yesterday I heard a radio caller likening the situation in the US economically speaking to the current situation in Zimbabwe. In my view, this man was trying to compare dolphins to porpoises because both have fins and swim in the sea.

Zimbabwe has an autocratic regime and a despotic ruler, who though he has lost the last two elections will not yield power to his adversaries and the rightful winners. He, like Fidel Castro and so many others before, is the only man in the country with any money and means (along with his close cadre and supporters). Mr. Mugabe is also directly responsible for the decline in what was once arguably the most prosperous nation in Africa.

But, all of this goes wide of the point. People is Zimbabwe are starving, and lack the basic means of support and to sustain life. Inflation has been incalculable for the last two years. The reports I, along with Brent, Joe, and others have directly received cry the need for help from those abroad regardless of our situations. We have no real idea of the situation that has been playing out there.

We have received reports of mothers attempting to bake dirt into something edible for their children, of rampant disease and the lack of rudimentary supplies, such as food, water (clean or dirty) and common medical supplies. Meanwhile the military and thug backers of Mr. Mugabe continue to kill or run off anyone who stands against them. Hundreds of thousands have been removed from homes and made destitute and untold thousands are simply missing.

Did you know that until about six years ago, Zimbabwe had the largest herds of high altitude hybrid cattle on the planet; and they were the largest supplier of beef and beef products to Africa and Europe? Did you know they were the bread basket for the region? Then the attendants of Mr. Mugabe seized all the farms and ranches in the name of anti-apartheid and turned them over to those beholden to the regime. The resultant chaos has yet to fully play out. But I am not interested in the politics, and I am not interested in demagoguery.

Christians are amongst those who suffer. People have little means and no escape. By comparison, we Westerners have every means and multiple paths to seek by which we may either better our lot or change place and circumstance.

Comparisons to our situation in the “developed” nations pale when the second half of the compared have been moved back to non-developing status. So then, Christians take note, and seek to help those who truly need your help; not only in the sharing of the truth of God’s word, but in practical matters and in providing sustenance; in helping our Christian brothers and sisters whose situation is not tempered through reason and goodness, but which is under sway of forces of evil. These things rarely make the press here – they simply haven’t killed enough citizens to qualify on the “Darfur” list. But do not be fooled, they need your direct help and support, and at the very least the prayers or every Christian man and woman.

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