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Adding Good Ribbons To Your Bible

I like having nice, fat ribbon markers for my Bibles. It helps me quickly return to various texts I am studying, preaching from, or am reading from for my personal growth. But many Bibles come with no ribbon markers or one skinny ribbon marker. I am not sure which is worse. Not having a ribbon marker is bad because, with the cheap “leather” used today, Bibles close as soon as you set them down. Most do not stay open on their own. However, having a skinny ribbon marker has its own consequences. A ribbon that is too narrow can crumple the paper when attempting to open the Bible using such a ribbon marker. This has caused me to cut my ribbon marker out of my Bibles when it is too narrow. I don’t want to crumple my pages just because the ribbon is only 1/8 inches wide, which I found out the hard way. I have greatly appreciated my HCSB Minister’s Bible because it came with two ribbon markers with a fairly decent width (they could stand to be a little wider), and in different colors. What a great idea to have multiple ribbon markers in different colors!

Then I came across this Bible hack yesterday, posted by the “Foolish Galatian.” You can see the pictures and instructions here.

Well, I became motivated last night. I went to a craft store and bought 3/8 inch colored ribbons in blue, red, and green. The perfect width and different colors. Now my NET Bible Compact Edition, which came with no ribbon marker, has a cool blue ribbon. My TNIV Reference Bible which came with only one black ribbon now has a second red ribbon. My ESV Reverse Interlinear Hardback Bible now has a green ribbon marker. My ESV Single Column Reference Bible which I just love had come with a skinny black ribbon. The black ribbon has been removed and now sports three ribbons: green, red, and blue.

What a great hack! If you find yourself in a similar bind, a couple of dollars, scissors, and glue and get you all fixed up. I believe the next Bible to require surgery will be the NET Bible First Edition. It comes with one black ribbon for this very large Bible. It needs at least one more. I plan to beautify it when I get back from my preaching trip. The NLT Study Bible may also get another ribbon added to it also. Having colorful ribbons really makes your Bible look great. Not sure about that? Just click the link to the Foolish Galatian’s pictures and see how fantastic those colors look. Kudos to him for fixing my problem.

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