Some Things Said And Some That Perhaps Should Not Have Been (Nov 04)

Angelica calls it "Sponsatility" "Want to know how youre doing as a parent? Check out how your children are doing when it comes to minding their manners. ... How would children learn to avoid quarreling and whining? It is quite natural that they do so. Where would they learn to offer someone a seat if the bus is full? How would they learn that their chores are their jobs? How would they learn to speak when spoken to by adults,…

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Grazing with the Cows

Perhaps you heard about the civil proceedings to assess whether Michael Ovitz was given too big a bonus (about 120 million dollars) when he had only served as the Disney Company's President for less than 14 months. The suit was brought to court by some stockholders who believe the money was too much for too little. In this last year some 250,000 corporate positions were lost to restructurings and re-engineering and whatever other names such things come by today. Lives…

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Born to Run

The following is from an article printed in The Los Angeles Times dated 11.19.04. "Humanity was born to run. More than by brain size or tool making ability, the human species was set apart from its ancestors by the ability to jog mile after lung stabbing mile with greater endurance than any other primate, according to research published in the journal Nature. Indeed, human beings evolved as the cross country stars of a primordial runners world 2 million years before…

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